About us

The Stadtmannschaft Zürich is an up-and-coming club. After years of immersion, the momentum has increased in recent years thanks to strong commitment from members. The men's team is back as a National League B team in competitive sports. A women's team could also be formed again and is well on the way to make old achievements. The biggest growth, however, is recorded by our newly established junior department. So today this is one of the largest in Switzerland.

The home games carries our club in the summer months in the Badi Letzigraben. In winter we play and train distributed to various municipal indoor swimming pools.


The Water Polo Club Stadtmannschaft Zürich divides its goal pursuit into three areas:

Creation of an attractive foundation for children and adolescents from Zurich and the surrounding area to be trained in waterball sports. For this purpose, a professional education by well-trained coaches and supervisors and the necessary infrastructure will be made available.

It is clearly the goal that our women's team and the 1st men's teams play in the upper national league.

Active club life is another important goal of our club. In addition to the sporting goals, collegiality and social events should also play an important role. We want to offer our members the opportunity to keep fit and also to enjoy the social aspects.

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Organization Registered association

Established in 1972

Achievements 9 Swiss Champion Title Ladies (1989-1994; 1996,2003,2006)

Teams 1st Men's Team (NLB), 2nd Men's Team (2nd Regionalliga North), SMZ Masters, Women's Team (NLD), U20 Women's Team, U15 Team, U13 Team (2 Teams), U11 Team


Board SMZ

President Heinz Weber

Juniors Werner Stohler

Marketing / Events Philipp Lässer

Water polo guard Erika Krey

Finance Eric Pisler

Communication Kate Askew

Join us in the water.

The club is always looking for new members. Please get in touch and join us in the water.